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Product Care / Precautions

All S_S.IL products are made in 14K Gold/ 925 Silver/ Brass. Materials used for all products can be found in each product description.

Due to the soft nature of 925 Silver, warpage can occur in the process of opening the packaging. If a warpage occurs, apply gentle force with your hand to reshape the product.

*925 Silver: 925 Silver (sterling silver) is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metal. Fine silver (99.9% pure silver) is relatively soft therefore, silver is mostly alloyed with other metal substances to increase its hardness and strength.

Please take into consideration that metal and plated metal products will discolor naturally over time.

To minimize discoloration, after wearing, wipe the surface of the product with a soft cloth so that there are no foreign substances such as cosmetics, sweat, or moisture.

Always keep the product clean in an airtight condition such as a plastic zipper bag.

Please avoid humid or high temperature environments. *Heat and humidity will stimulate discoloration. (ex: Swimming Pool, Sauna, Hair Dryer, Perfume, Spray etc…) *Low temperature environments can also cause discoloration.

Please avoid using 925 Silver cloth or any silver cleaning solutions for plated or any surface treated products.

If discoloration occurs in 925 Silver (surface untreated), rub it gently with a 925 silver cloth or use a silver cleaning solution.

Please be aware that gemstones/ cubic zirconia/ pearls or chains can be disconnected if external shock is applied.

Some individuals may have allergic reactions to metal or plated products. We do not recommend those who are sensitive to metal products or those who have concerns for such conditions.

Metal in nature may have a scent that may be peculiar to some customers. We do not recommend it to those who are sensitive to scent or those who have concerns about such conditions.

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